Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bass slappin', toe tappin' and bare-bones rappin'

Singer/bass player Jason Stuart,
Washington Square
West Village


Cristina said...

Hiii! I'm Cristina! I was surfing this blog and I found these pictures. I'm in love with them, specially these in this post. I play the contrabass and oh my god they are preety well done. I love the way this musician is captured. All his feelings are there! So interesting!

Michael said...

Ola, Cristina! Feliz Navidad! It is great to hear from you again. Do you have any plans to go to Japan in 2007?

Thanks so much for your kind words on the photos. Yes, Jason plays the bass with much emotion. He is classically trained, but when he performs on the streets, he plays rock-and-roll standards accompanied by his singing. It's quite unusual and a great treat to hear him play a Led Zeppelin song stripped down to its barest essentials. I hope he releases a CD soon.