Sunday, June 24, 2007


My roots
on my father's side
are in the polyglot streets
of the East Village
and on my mother's side
in the wise-guy streets
of the Bronx
and Brooklyn
and Harlem
With such a noble pedigree
how the hell
did I wind up
in Joisey?


forman said...

haha, yeah i was wondering the same thing. You're New York and it shows.

Michael said...

Honestly, New Jersey has its good points. But New York City is in a category all its own.

east village idiot said...

Jersey gets teased a lot but it seems to be a very friendly place.

It's so hard to figure out where to go after NYC. I spent the weekend looking....

Michael said...

Hey EVI,

The thing is, I can't afford to live in Manhattan (or Brooklyn or Queens or the Bronx, and yes, I'm leaving Staten Island out on purpose). And I could do a lot worse than Jersey. So, things work out the way they should.

Did you guys see anything promising?