Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Memoriam: March 23, 1962-January 15, 2008

Though Michael passed away a year ago today, he continues to touch people deeply through his writing, his photography, and most of all, his example.

The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hiwasa on Shikoku Island, Japan,
where we scattered Michael's ashes on April 8, 2008.

The view of Hiwasa town and the ocean
from Temple 23 onthe 88-temple Shikoku pilgrimage.
Michael admired this view when he was here.

Michael was born in the Year of the Tiger.
There was a tiger for him at Temple 23.

This is the same stairway as the one Michael photographed
on his 1997 visit to this temple as a pilgrim.


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Michael's poem at his site Poems Along the Path is very touching - I really like the humour hidden in it:

"A poem?
A poem? At a time like this?
Are you crazy?"

Take care,


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to believe that a year has already gone by but comforting to know that your suffering has ended and that your spirit lives on. Oyasuminasai Akei,
Goodnight, dear brother.

farmwife said...

How is it possible that an entire year has gone by?

I miss your posts, Michael.

lisa said...

I miss him more every day.

I love that Mungo wrote what Michael would have liked.

I love that most, we remember his example. And try to live by it when we can. Difficult feat to be half the person he is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this update. I return here once in awhile, to look at the photos and to "hear" Michael's voice.

I miss him very much. After his death I would look at his picture of the stairway, posted a little lower with his "Going on a journey ..." poem, and imagine him there, on the stairs, traveling toward a peaceful place. I hope he has arrived at that place and has found it very welcoming.

Love and good thoughts to you,
Christine (friend and co-worker of Michael's)

DJP Mom said...

I didn't know Michael or his photography; I came here via Drawn!, but I leave with the feeling that I should have known him. I'll be back to read every one of his posts. Thank you for keeping this available.

Debbie Ann said...

thank you for keeping this blog here.I came today for the first time and can't stop reading.

Linda said...

May peace be with you. Thank you.

Jean said...

Thank you for sharing this. I don't forget Michael and am happy to know his ashes are scattered in his beloved Japan. My warmest best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michael's family
Thank you for showing me beautiful pictures. You seemed to have a good journey. I'm happy to know that.

After his decease, I have come to look up the sky SO often. Especially,
when my heart is flooded with mixed sad emotion and I'm at a loss how to go on my life.
I ask him how looking at a floating cloud or a shining star. answer (just scilence)

...then I remember he taught us "how"

just "One foot..."

on Valentine's day
with love

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Thank you.

with a bow.

Michael said...

To Michael's family,

I have just re-read Fatigue and I reflect on the life-force. I cried when it was first posted a year past, and I have returned to it several times, and always the tears flow.

Funny thing, Fatigue no longer makes me sad, I no longer cry. I think I understand why. The poem is about irony and about courage; the irony of life and the courage it takes to live life. Fatigue gives me strength and helps me conquer my fears.

I am a distance runner. Today I run for Michael. His name, and his poem is scrawled on the inside of my bib, next to my heart, giving me courage and reminding me of the life force we all carry within.

Thank you dear family, for allowing me to share.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Michael,
I too cried, when I read your eloquent tribute to my brother. What beautiful sentiments flow with your words. Thank you so much for that! I wish for you that when you run, your grace and heart are your constant companions.
Nancy (one of Michael's two sisters)

Anonymous said...

MARCH 23 2009

It's sureal to me that my brother's 2nd birthday since his passing is here already. I can't get him out of my mind today and don't want and will not let him out of my heart...ever
Happy Birthday, Akei

Anonymous said...

Miss you terribly. lisa