Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poems Along the Path

Michael originally published the poems and photographs in this collection in his blog, where they are scattered like jewels throughout the postings that chronicled the last two years of his life. Here, brought together and arranged by the themes into which they naturally fall, the poems tell the same story in a different, but equally powerful way.

Poems Along the Path by Henro1962

For anyone who would like to have a real book to hold in their hands, Poems Along the Path is available through Lulu. Here is the link to purchase a copy:



sadie-cakes said...

New to this blog and had to post to let you know someone out here is reading about and thinking of Michael.
He had a great eye for photos and a wonderful spirit. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to us to know that a growing number of people appreciate Michael's work and his spirit.

Michael's sister Valerie

Anonymous said...


This link is to a beautiful tribute video made by my friends from far away (Japan and Belgium). It is for the second anniversary of Michael's passing.
Thank you to Gin and Eve.

jason said...

Happened on to this site and just wanted to, as others here have, convey my gratitude to you for sharing Michael's wonderful spirit with people who would never have otherwise had the the opportunity to meet him in life or death - like myself. Michael's voice (both in words and images) was such a powerful and beautiful one. My guess is he was a good brother, and you are clearly a good sister. Peace to you both. Jason