Monday, April 24, 2006

Dropping off

Farmer, Yokaichiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, March 1998, by Michael

One narrow path surrounded by a dense forest;
On all sides, mountains lie in darkness.
The autumn leaves have already fallen.
No rain, but still the rocks are dark with moss.
Returning to my hermitage along a way known to few,
Carrying a basket of fresh mushrooms
And a jar of pure water from the temple well.


Pierre Turlur said...

What shall I say? Picture and poem are just perfect. May be it is time for you to do a bit of "useless" wandering in Japan.


Michael said...

Yes, or at least wandering somewhere.

Beth said...

i agree with pierre.
every time i read a poem by ryokan i am amazed by the beauty of the solitude. next stop on the internet:
i've been meaning to add this to my book collection. thanks for the poem and beautiful picture, michael.

Michael said...

Hello Kim,

When I read the poetry of Ryokan, Ikkyu and Saigyo, I wonder if attaining such solitude in this day and age is possible. And then I think of Pierre in Japan, and of my own walks through New York City, and I know it's possible.