Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday, April 11, 2006

East Village, Manhattan, April 9, 2006


C~ said...

I like what you wrote on Patry's site to me. You're right, of course, that it is unquestionably important to write when writing is the way one breathes the world in and out.

I wonder about Anne Frank all the time, actually, so it was funny for you to mention her. She wrote just for herself, which I do apart from anything that ends up on the web. There is a strange dichotomy that tells me that I write for myself, but then I wonder how it is I'm compelled to return to a blog and write there. Anne didn't know what she wrote would matter so much. I'm sure that, not unlike me, she was just writing because she couldn't not write; she had something to say and it had to be said. That's how I think it must have gone anyway. In the end, I have no answers and I don't even really want any. I thank you for your words.

Michael said...

And thank YOU, C~.