Friday, January 05, 2007

Is this a face, or what?



east village idiot said...

I've been through your blog and I'm amazed at what a gifted writer and photographer you are. Did you ever think of putting a book together or showing all of your east village photos?

You are super talented. By the way -feel free to bitch whenever you want when you don't feel good. I hope you recover 100% - you're providing the world with a lot of beauty - may it come back to you in a huge wave of good health.

Michael said...

Hello E.V.I.,

Thank you so much for your very, very kind and generous comments. I really enjoy your blog, too!

I've made a lot of friends through my blog, and I'm very happy for the chance to count you among them.

All the very best,

Brotha Buck said...

Blue tabby?

Michael said...

Hey there, Buck,

Actually, she's a brown tabby. I turned a color photograph into a black-and-white one -- except for the eyes -- and added some blue tint. And voila!

A stranger said...

Hey Michael,
When I click the link of this page, wow!!! Is this a face, or what!

Michael said...

Yes, she's a beautiful cat. She keeps me on my toes!

MKBookWorks said...

Yes, that is a very NICE (or is it mice? sorry) FACE! You have lovely kitties and your art is incredibly moving - words and pics. I hope 2007 is a very happy and healthy year for you. Being sick.. well sucks.

We'll think good thoughts for you!
M. Mom to an Empress

Michael said...

Hello MK,

Thanks for your gracious comments and your good wishes. I wish you and your budding family all the very best!

LBseahag said...

East Village Idiot said exactly what I feel.

and Tara is purr-fect!

Michael said...

Thank you, LB!!