Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More tales from the hawk's eye

Tompkins Square
East Village, Manhattan


Linda said...

first of all -- i love your photography. the middle one has enough "blur" showing action and yet enough clarity to really show the detail of these creatures. the fact that you could capture so much movement so close together, performed by wild beings is phenomenal. bravo.

just last night i was on the train coming home and had several photo ideas. i usually walk to work and only ride the train on tuesdays when i go uptown for my evening class so it is always a little excitement for me like i'm a silly tourist.

i would love to get several photographers together in a busy, large, open area of a station during rush hour and be able to take one large panoramoa pieced together of everyone moving. unfortunately i could not do it alone --i just may recruit my boyfriend.

there was another idea but i've forgotten it as i forget my dreams every morning.

Michael said...

Hi Linda,

You're too kind! Thanks for your very generous praise. Your rush-hour photo panorama project sounds intriguing. I think the lighting in Grand Central would work well. Count me in!

east village idiot said...

I love the middle picture - it looks like the hawk is ready to come in for the kill and the two squirrels are saying "I gotta get the fuck outta here pronto!"

Michael said...

Yup, that's pretty much what transpired. The hawk made a grab for the squirrel on the tree in the background but missed. He caught a rat about 10 minutes later.

This was the second weekend in a row I saw the hawk. I think he likes the East Village and, for him, the rent is right.

east village idiot said...

You've just inspired me. Perhaps one day soon you'll see me seated by the hawk. I'll be the woman dressed like the hawk and living in one of those rent stabilized trees.

I will be a vegan hawk because no way am i eating a rat or a squirrel.

Michael said...

Yeah, I might wind up lightening my load someday soon, too.