Monday, March 20, 2006

Cat as teacher

In Goju-ryu, the style of karate I practice, there is a stance called nekoashi-dachi, or cat stance, that also is found in many other martial arts styles.

Here's a student showing how it is done:


And here, Tara-sensei demonstrates:


Lone Wolf said...

I have never really paid attention to the stance of a cat and compared it the cat stance of the martial arts. That is so cool. When I studied Kung Fu, the cat stance was the most difficult for me because we had to put all of are weight on the back leg with thigh being parallel to the ground. I was never really able to have my thigh completely parallel with the ground. Thanks for sharing these pictures

Michael said...

Thank YOU, Lone Wolf. It's easy and fascinating to see how the Chinese adapted the various animal stances they saw in Nature to Kung Fu.