Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Death is but a dream

Pilgrim (o-henro-san) on the Shikoku 88-temple path, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, September 2004, by Michael

Death is but a dream
a long walk through countryside
strangely familiar


Kitty said...

Michael, before reading your haiku, I clicked on the photo and enlarged it, and projected myself inside the picture, as if I were walking along the path. My feeling immediately was "this place looks very familiar."

Then I read the haiku. :) :)

Michael said...

Hi Kitty,

Thanks! This is one of my favorite photos I took in Japan, during my first visit to the country since I left in 1998.

Oxeye said...

On a journey, ill:
my dream goes wandering
over withered fields.

The great Basho died four days after writing this poem in 1694 at the age of 51.

g said...

What a beautiful image of a pilgrim on the 88-temple path. It captures a sense of what the journey must have been like in a time before the tour buses.

Michael said...

Yes. Shikoku, specifically the route of the 88-temple pilgrimage, is my favorite place in Japan. And of all the photographs of Japan I've taken, this one ranks as one of my favorites. When I think of Japan, I think of this scene.