Saturday, March 25, 2006

The threat

Country road at dawn, Iidaka district, Yokaichiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, April 1998, by Michael

Watch: One of these days
I'm gonna leave this old house
and just keep walking


Sujatin said...

And one would see why

qaminante said...

Beautiful image
Early light shines through old trees
Country road at dawn

Michael said...

Thanks, qaminante!

anu said...

I long to live in a house like that. With trees all around me.

Michael said...

That looks like an inviting walk. I want to see what's around the corner.

Mike Cross said...

I believe you, Michael, I believe you. Good for you. Go for it. One foot in front of the other. Countless millions of us are right behind you.

Michael said...

Hi Mike,
Great to hear from you! I hope you're enjoying your respite.
I wrote this poem half as a statement of intention, half as a metaphor for death. So, in both senses, I guess we're all pretty much walking single-file down the same path.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your comments, and welcome.
The path leads down into a valley not far from where I lived in Japan. This road is one of a rabbit warren of little farm roads that lead into and through the valley.
I woke up at 5 a.m. to reach this spot by 5:30 to take the photo.
In a sense, I'm still walking down that road and don't plan to stop. Besides, I couldn't if I tried.

Jean said...

Breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you. Yes, I understood it at once in both the senses you mention in comment above. Your photos make me want to visit Japan, Michael, as I never have before. They are also a visit in themselves, though, to a fascinating land.

Michael said...

Thanks, Jean, for your wonderful comments. I truly appreciate your visits to my blog and the kind words you leave behind.

g said...

This is an incredible image.

Thank you for waking so early and climbing the hill to take the picture.

The trees, the road, the house, the sunlight, the shadows - all of these, it is possible to pluck any one out, and hold it dear, to see that timeless feature in the abstract.

Michael said...

Thank you, g. The scene that greeted me on that country road that misty morning forms a vignette that is among my fondest memories of Japan.
The road was desolate. There wasn't a sign of another person. There was just me, that road and that sunlight.
Thanks for your thoughts!