Friday, October 13, 2006

Bear Mountain Bridge

On Thursday I took a foliage-viewing trip to the Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River. This bridge, the first to span the river south of Albany, N.Y., is just under an hour by car north of where I live in New Jersey. The views from the span looking north up the Hudson are incomparable, especially this time of year.

On the Palisades Interstate Parkway heading up to the bridge, there are several scenic lookout points. This one offers a view south toward the George Washington Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

The Bear Mountain Bridge, completed in 1924

Looking west from the northern side of the bridge

Looking north up the Hudson


Oxeye said...

Michael, that is a beautiful part of the country.. once you get out of the cities new york is transformed into a jewel. Do you know if that stretch of rail heading north is used for passenger trains?

I finally decided to buy a Canon A 710 IS. Ordered it online and it was delivered with the memory card jammed incorrectly into the slot. The slot door would not open.. Now, more waiting. What a pisser. :)

Michael said...

Yes, Oxeye, it certainly is. Many people think of New York City when they think of the state. But once you travel north of the Five Boroughs, it's a whole new world, and a beautiful one, too.
As for the railroad tracks, I know they carry passenger trains. I think freight trains might travel that line, too, though I'm not sure.

As for your camera purchase, I don't think you can go wrong with Canon, though an inept serviceperson hasn't started you off on the right foot. You'll also appreciate the Image Stabilizer feature, which can turn a poorly focused shot into a good one.

I never thought I would switch from 35mm SLRs to digital SLRs, but I have, and I can't imagine ever going back.