Sunday, October 01, 2006

East Village rainbow

On Ninth Street between First and Second avenues in Manhattan's East Village is a riotously colored emporium called Katinka.
Exotic clothing and accesories from the four corners of the world transform the interior into a rainbow of earth tones and neon hues and everything in between.
But these colors fade in comparison with the musical shopkeeper, who is immortalized in a mural next door.

Portrait artist, Central Park


LBseahag said...

I absolutely loved this area when I was there two years ago...I want to go back so badly!!!!

Anonymous said...


You are a brilliant photographer. You should be shooting for the Tourism Office because now I wish to go to every place you visited!
I feel like I have seen fall foliage without having to leave my house. Congratulations...keep going!!
Lisa S.

Michael said...

Thanks so much, Lisa!!