Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The result

I had a relatively good night's sleep free of nightmares, as far as I can recall.
I awoke feeling better than I have in about two weeks.
Sometime next week, I hope to undergo a CT scan to help determine whether my parathyroid tumor is operable.
In the meantime, one day at a time.


Alice Frampton said...
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Alice Frampton said...
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Matt Kohai said...

Hey - congrats on the better sleep, and I'm continuing to keep my fingers crossed for you.

Michael said...

Thanks, these kind thoughts are certainly appreciated.

Zen said...


Everyday a prayer goes out.

Michael said...

Hai, gambarimasu! Many thanks for your kind words and your prayers, Zen. I'm feeling good today.

Mike Cross said...

Hi Michael,

Visited your blog for the first time in a good while and am glad I did. Your honesty and courage puts my own puny efforts to let go of this and that into a humbling persepective. Thank you for that.

In a blogosphere of Zen posers, in which I include myself, you my friend are not one. (Or at least if you are you are doing a bloody good job of hiding it!)


Michael said...

Mike, my friend, thank you. To be perfectly honest, I would be doing a whole lot better with all this if I could be sure there was no such thing as hell.

Justin said...


Amen to what Mike said. I don't often post a comment, but yours is a blog I'm drawn to come back to again and again - for your sincere thoughts and your fantastic photos.

Thank you.

PS. If you can cope with what life has been throwing at you I suspect you can cope with hell

east village idiot said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Spring is peaking through. This year will be a year of true healing for you - I just know it! Take it easy, go see a stupid musical to cheer you, check out the cute girls in the east village - one of the worn down mommies will most likely be me!!

Please don't feel that you're alone. All of us will face (or have faced) severe illness, tragedy or fear in one form or another. I guess I'm just trying to say that we're with you.

Michael said...

Justin, EVI,

Thanks very much for your support. I've been saying that a lot lately, what with all the concern that has been shown for me these past couple of difficult weeks.

It really, really does help me, as it would help most anybody, that I'm being kept in people's thoughts and, if they're thus inclined, their prayers.