Sunday, February 11, 2007


East Village


YourFireAnt said...

Fantastic photograph, Michael. Like the man is daydreaming his way into a painting or something. Wonderful color too.


Michael said...

Thanks! I like this photo, too. The version on this blog is a little different from the one I saved on my portfolio Web site; I toned down the color saturation just a bit to get rid of some "hot spots."

This guy was amazed that I found him to be a compelling subject. I told him that everyone is a compelling subject, in my opinion.

east village idiot said...

That is Nino's Pizzeria! I've spent millions of dollars there just on feeding my son and his friends between trips to the park.

Great shots!

Michael said...

'Tis the place, indeed!

get zapped said...

This is really cool! So much to see, his wandering mind, where is it going? All the colors and lines in such a small area. It's wonderful!

Michael said...

Thanks very much! I'm pleased with the way this photo turned out, and I'm glad you like it!