Sunday, February 18, 2007


East Village, Manhattan


Still Frames... said...

Great pics again!
Love th colors in this one. Do you just go out on the street and take your camera with you? I have made some photos yesterday as we are celebrating carnaval here in my town. But I always feel a bit silly just taking pictures of people. They probably think I work for the newspaper or something :)

Have a great day today.

p.s. thanks for you compliments on my photos..!

Michael said...

Hi Francisca,

Thanks for your kind words! I was very happy to get this shot. I had passed by this spot many times but had never thought to take a picture. The colors of the wall are muted, so I brought out the lovely pastels with Photoshop.

Yes, on weekends I always carry my camera. I find that if I approach people sincerely and with a ready, honest answer if they ask why I want to take their photo, they almost always say yes. I, too have been asked if I'm a photojournalist. Recently, I had business cards printed up with my online photo gallery URL (a site different from my blog), and I also let my subjects know I have a blog, and thus far no one has had a problem with my using their photos in this way.