Saturday, April 07, 2007

"And you may ask yourself, 'Well, how did I get here?' "

Happy Easter and a belated Happy Passover to those of you who celebrate the holidays!

Preliminary results of my CT scan reveal a mixed bag.
Long story short, they indicate the parathyroid cancer may have metastasized, but to areas that may be surgically accessible. These results, though, are preliminary and this assessment was made by an endocrinologist and a radiologist, not a surgeon.
Meanwhile, I'm awaiting results of a bone density test I had Friday.
Sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it?
I find this whole process absolutely fascinating. I would rather be reading about it in a textbook, though, than experiencing it firsthand.

On a different note, I would like to leave you with a DVD recommendation. If you buy or rent "Kikujiro," I doubt you'll be disappointed. It's a comic tale of adventure and spiritual renewal, and it stars one of my favorite Japanese actors/Renaissance men, Takeshi Kitano (better known as Beat Takeshi).
I have a feeling you'll thank me for this recommendation once you've watched the movie.


Lone Wolf said...

I havn't watched "Kikujiro," but I really enjoy Beat Takeshi in Battle Royal, Fireworks, Soatine, and Brother.

Thanks for the recommendation Michael.

Michael said...

"Kikujiro" is a completely different sort of role for him. It's a great movie.

Brotha Buck said...

I remember when I had my scare. I was fascinated, too. Especially how matter-of-fact people were. I guess if you're a technician giving a bone scan, you've done it a few hundred times and it's not a biggie.

Brotha Buck said...

I remember when I had my scare. I was fascinated, too. Especially how matter-of-fact people were when discussing cancer. I guess if you're a technician giving a bone scan, you've done it a few hundred times and it's not a biggie. Mine turned out to be a shadow on my bone.

Michael said...

Hey Buck,

At this point, I'm able to discuss with my doctors in pretty clinical detail (for a layman) what my various test results mean. Sometimes, I feel completely detached from what's going on inside me. This sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes I wonder if my absorbing myself in the details is a way of denying these realities. You know, like losing myself in the minutiae is a way to forget the bigger picture.

Matt Kohai said...

Hey, good luck with the health issues, and thanks for the recommendation.

Have you been to my blog lately? I nominated you for an award, you know... Go to the "trophy case" in my sidebar and click on the award to read the post in question.

Michael said...

Hi Matt,

As flattered as I am, I'm going to pass on the award. Because my blog contains so many references to my health situation, I wouldn't feel comfortable accepting an award for it. It would be incompatible with my intentions.

I've been nominated for other awards that didn't require my consent or participation. But now, I have the chance to do what I believe is right. Thanks just the same, though.

Matt Kohai said...

That's fine, Michael. It's just a blog meme, no big deal. I only wanted to draw my readers' attention to the wonderful blog you write. Enjoy your "award."

Michael said...

Hi Matt,

I appreciate your intentions.

ester wolf said...

Hey Michael,

Just passing through, did anyone catch that the title is off a Talking Heads song? :-) Took a few days off this week and this is one of those few occasions I decided to stay home instead of traveling I''m catching up with your blogs this morning. I think the last time I posted (besides the one a couple of days ago) was a year ago when I was off to Sri Lanka.

I wish you well as you spar and battle on with this cancer. I think you writing about and sharing your experiences are helpful and inspiring to me. I do not have an illness anywhere near the magnitude and level that you are on, but do know other folks who do and going through a similar situation. Somehow, reading about it is comforting. Maybe it's because your writing points and confirms this so called "universality" and "oneness" that Buddhism talks about. I'dunno, but that's how I feel.

I have to check out Kikujiro. I haven't seen too many movies lately. Take care you! "And you may ask yourself, 'Well how did I get here?'" ---by getting up for the eigth, ninth, ... time! -HAHA-


Michael said...

Hi Mall,

I'm a big Talking Heads fan, so I sometimes work their song titles and titles of songs by other artists into my posts. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate it, and of course I appreciate your good wishes and kind words, too!