Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A medical koan, shared many times over

For more than a week, I have been waiting for a surgeon who I consulted at another hospital to give his opinion on the feasibility of surgery. At this point, the surgeon and endocrinologist at my hospital are in favor of an operation, and it is believed that this other surgeon will concur; it seems just a formality.

But I have yet to hear from him. On Tuesday I called his office to inquire about the delay.
I was told there's a major conference of radiologists going on today, at which he will share my case with his colleagues. So, I'll be getting his opinion all right, but it'll be an opinion formed through collaboration with some of the top minds in the field.

Sometimes, waiting isn't so bad.


east village idiot said...

You have just described the only instance I can think of when waiting to hear from a doctor isn't so bad. Glad to hear that you'll be getting the best advice there is to get!

Michael said...

Yes, it's an interesting development. I hope the conclusion that surgery is in order is unanimous. It'll make it easier for me to deal with everything.

YourFireAnt said...

Good attitude. And all those radiologists will learn from it too.

[fingers crossed...]


Jean said...

I can't even imagine what this waiting is like, but only send you my love and solidarity.

Michael said...

Hello Jean,

When I was first diagnosed with this illness, even a short wait for results seemed interminable, and I was letting that stress eat me alive. Gradually, I became better able to put these things out of my mind -- no, that's not exactly right, because they're always on a very convenient shelf in my consciousness, and I reach for them many times a day (or they reach for me).

I've become more adept at putting them in perspective, I guess. The waiting isn't so bad anymore; the disease isn't going anywhere, and neither am I.

Matt Kohai said...

I'm crossing fingers and toes on your behalf.

Michael said...

Many thanks for your good wishes.