Friday, April 13, 2007

More hope

One of my surgeons called me today with an assessment of my CT scan. He's recommending surgery that, like the one I had in 2005, will cut through my breastbone. I'm now awaiting a recommendation from a second surgeon, but I'm nearly positive he'll concur. I just have a hunch.

This is a positive development. It certainly beats being told that surgery is impossible.
I'm guessing that the surgeon who is doing the operation will want to do it as soon as possible. (He performed my last surgery. We get along well, and I like him.)
I would like a couple of months to get physically ready for the procedure. In 2005, I was out of the hospital in four or five days, whereas patients who have their sternum sawed in half usually remain hospitalized an average of two weeks.

I was in excellent physical shape then, supplementing my karate with 20-mile walks and regular visits to the gym.
For most of the past year, I've been practicing karate exclusively. So, I'd like to become more fit in a relatively short time so that my recuperation will be speedy.

Mentally and spiritually, I'm no more anxious at the prospect of another surgery (which will be my fifth in five years and sixth overall) than I was before I received the news about a half-hour ago.
I'm actually sort of relieved.

My anxiety will increase as surgery day nears, which is perfectly natural. But things will work out the way they should.
This I know.


Kozy said...

I'm glad to hear that you're sort of relieved. I believe that you can face it courageously. Good luck!

Michael said...

Thank you, Kozy-san.

Matt Kohai said...

A positive development! Yay!

Best of luck, and as usual, keep us informed.

Brotha Buck said...

this is certainly good news. And a wake up call, too. I consider myself in good shape, but that doesn't mean things couldn't change tomorrow. I said before, i hope the best for you. Really do. Sorry you have to go through all this.

Michael said...

Thanks, Buck. I'm cautiously optimistic. No one's using the word "cure," but this hopefully will buy time. Many thanks for your support!

east village idiot said...

What good news!

Although I must admit my smile falters a bit when you explain the what this means for your breast bone.

Being as physically fit before surgery as possible is a great boost on every level. I've seen the difference it makes with people - and it's startling. Don't let anyone karate chop or jump kick you in the chest though - you want your breast bone in tact BEFORE the surgery :)

Michael said...


The surgery itself will decide whether it's good news or not. I'm looking at it as a ray of hope, and I can't stress that enough. Ideally, I would like two months to prepare, but I'll take whatever I can get.

YourFireAnt said...

Glad to read that you are approaching this with the calm hopeful realism I admire so much.

I'm thinking of you even when I don't write it.


Michael said...

Thank you.