Saturday, August 18, 2007

The karate lesson

Hanshi Wilfredo Roldan
Nisei Goju-Ryu karate dojo
East Village, Manhattan


Jean said...

I love the thought of young children learning karate: growing strong and disciplined, feeling good, not hurting anyone. My friend RR, another excellent photographer, posted a lovely picture of her son and his friend waiting to see if they'd got their red belts: - ethereally, deceptively angelic, but also growing strong.

Michael said...

Hi Jean,

Checked out your friend's photo. Very nice!

I wish I had been introduced to karate at a much younger age, when my body was more flexible and I could have taken steps to maintain that flexibility into middle age. On the other hand, my mindset wouldn't have adapted well to the martial arts when I was younger. I lacked the maturity, among other things.

So, maybe it's fitting that I started at age 31. I'm a lot younger now than I was when I was in my teens.