Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wearing my teacher hat

Staff photo, 1997 or '98
Nosaka Junior High School
Nosaka (now Sosa City), Chiba Prefecture

Where's Waldo?

(The school motto roughly translates as, "If you think for yourself, you'll be stronger")


~~Silk said...

Interesting "power fists". Were there any reactions to the fur on your face? Rather unusual in Japan.


Michael said...

That's the way the photographer posed us. That's seemingly the way all Japanese photographers pose all such shots for posterity.
It's a cultural thing.

The beard is not a cultural thing. I could count on the fingers of both hands (and still have leftover digits) the number of bearded Japanese people I met during my three years there.

Bearded foreigners were more common. But most were clean-shaven or had a mustache or fashionable goatee.

My beard wasn't a sign of rebellion or anything remotely like that. It was a product of my belief that the curse of Adam bestowed upon man by God consists of two tortures: Shaving and laundry.