Sunday, September 09, 2007


Astor Place
East Village, Manhattan

Kat O'Sullivan is a talented artist in a variety of media. She also designs beautiful clothing. She has traveled the world, and these days parks her psychedelic bus in the East Village, where she sells the fruits of her imagination. You can see the fire of creativity burning in her eyes.

May the road rise with you, Kat.


Anonymous said...

I love Kat's creations and I wear her art as recycled clothing all the time.
Check out her site and blog at

She is a magical true talent and emobodies a dynamism pre-the community crushing development that has been lost as gentrification become supersification. She painted the bus and it makes really funny -- unusual sounds too!!!!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

:) thank you michael! it was lovely to meet you today...
que te vaya bonito

Michael said...

Hi Suzannah,

Yes, I saw Kat's talent and uniqueness with my own eyes. Her energy is contagious.

Hi Kat,

Yes, I'm so glad our paths crossed Sunday. I am sure that so many people live and travel vicariously through you. More important, I'm sure a brave few actually choose to follow your example. So, thank YOU!