Monday, October 22, 2007


Age and illness are the cause of such joint pain, especially in my knees and hips, that practicing karate is becoming increasingly painful and difficult, at least from the hips down.

But I can still sit easily and comfortably in the full lotus posture for extended periods of zazen.

Karate is something I actively pursue, something I regard as food for my spirit. Yet my pursuit is encountering higher and higher hurdles.

Zazen is something I used to do regularly. My practice faded long ago, but its physical underpinnings are as good as new.

I pursue the one and find my body mired in the mud, so to speak.
I've let the other fade from my life, but could return to its physical posture as easily as slipping into an old flannel shirt.

I think I'm beginning to see the light -- insofar as there is light to be seen.


YourFireAnt said...

Michael, I am impressed by anyone who can sit for any length of time in that position. I have never been able to without excruciating pain, and never in the same place twice. I have given up on sitting, but my Hfx. yoga teacher told me about walking meditation, which he does with a small contingent of his students daily, and I've taken to that like a cat to warmth.

Glad to hear you are back to sitting.


Michael said...

Actually, I'm not back to sitting. It's not something I want to do right now, even though I'm able to do it.