Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jersey faces, Jersey places

of workboots on my roof --
It's just Phil
trimming a tree


Well dug circa 1763 in yard of carriage house where I live.
The main house, a Dutch colonial, was built in 1763 and was occupied by the British during Washington's retreat from Fort Lee. The well is no longer used, but the quality of the water is said to be nearly pristine.


YourFireAnt said...

Michael, how interesting. Those portraits are priceless. Are they people you know? In your neighborhood? Wonderful photos.


Michael said...

Hey FA,

Thanks for your kind words. Tasha is my landlady and an all-around great person who feels compassion for everyone and everything.

Phil does maintenance work around Tasha's sprawling old house, and Phil's is a sprawling old soul. His heart is as big as all creation, and his love of life and all its ups and downs is inspiring. He is a bodhisattva, as is Tasha.