Monday, December 26, 2005

Everyone's a poet

A recent visitor to my blog saw some poems I posted in one of my entries and asked about other haiku (poems about Mother Nature) and senryu (poems about human nature) that I had written.
Well, here they are, for better or worse.
I realize that many writers of haiku and senryu in English tend to dispense with the traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure. I like it, though, because it forces me to express whatever I have to say within very strict confines. You be the judge as to whether it works.
Plus, as a newspaperman, I find it very good practice for writing headlines, which have their own set of strict parameters.
So, here goes:

Shiny-penny moon:

Miracle of creation

becomes clear to me.

Alone with my thoughts

Haunted by the bitter things

I shouldn't have said.

Gray hairs on my head

Each one a mocking witness

to empty worries.

For Gerald "Ski" Evans-sensei

A friendship grown old

You don't have to say a word,

Hearts communicate.

Thinking of Japan

Ripened rice a golden green

Autumn in the air.

"How is your dessert?"

"Fine," she says, fully sated

Now, awkward silence.

A thought arises

I try to chase it away

but like it too much.

Don't let anger rise:

One more precept I can't keep

The list grows longer.

Cat sleeps in my lap

Too old to do much but purr

Just wants to stay warm.

Sakura City, Japan 1997

Cute girl on a train

Smiling, offers me a plum

Alas, it's my stop.

Forgot my cellphone

Finally, blissfully free

of prying voices.

Sun is a blood spot

in a searing summer sky

Not a hint of breeze.

And just who am I?

Particles of shit and spit

Exactly like you.


crosshatched said...

[[everyone's a poet]] <--good news.

"sun is a bloodspot" <--home running. Thank you for this poet-post!

Michael said...

Hey crosshatched,

Thanks! I have a lot of fun with haiku and senryu. And then I'll read a master, like Basho Matsuo, and be completely blown away.

Ali said...

I wanted to tell you my favorite- but there are too many! I'll pick the one that makes me think of driving my car...

Don't let anger rise:

One more precept I can't keep

The list grows longer.

Thank you for sharing these gifts!

mrsbeach said...

I like the poems Michael.
thanks for sharing them.
My son is feeling better, thanks for your kind words.
Have a great day!

That Was Zen This Is Tao said...

"How is your dessert?"
"Fine," she says, fully sated
Now, awkward silence.

This is my favorite! I'm personally in favor of the 2-3-2 stressed syllable rule for English haiku, though I also tend to go free form. I think any of the styles can work, as long as a "true" haiku sentiment is conveyed.

Michael said...

Hello Ali and An,
Thanks for your visit and for your kind comments! An, truth be told, I'm pretty lazy, so the strict meter makes it a little easier for me. I need that structure!

Hey Beachy,
I'm glad your son is feeling better! I'm also very happy to hear from you!

anu said...

I dont have any favourite. Becoz i like all of them :-)Thank you Michael.

Michael said...

Thank YOU, Anu!

Lars said...

These are nice! Came across your blog by coincidence. Sometimes you really find worthwhile stuff. Thanks!

Michael said...

Hi Lars,

Thanks so much for your kind words. I just bookmarked your blog and am looking forward to reading it. The photos from Cuba really caught my attention and I'm looking forward to reading more!
Have a great New Year!