Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Purrfect blog II

More equal blog time for the kitties. Meet Sasayaku. That's Japanese for whisper.
See, when Sasayaku opens her mouth to meow, no sound comes out.
They say that pets take after their owners (or is it vice versa?). During one of the surgeries to my neck, one of the two nerves controlling my vocal chords needed to be severed. This left me sounding permanently like Don Corleone from "The Godfather," but without the Sicilian accent.
One of my friends, a big fan of "The Sopranos" TV show, started calling me "Mikey Whispers."
And then I made him an offer he couldn't refuse: Call me "Mikey Whispers" one more time, and I break your legs. And then I make you sleep with the fishes.
Now, he calls me just plain Michael again.
Sasayaku, she understands.


LBseahag said...

Sasayaku definitely understands...she is beautiful...and i am sure loves her 15 minutes of fame...

15 minutes of fame in cat-time is a lifetime...

mrsbeach said...

Mikey Whispers, HA. You have great friends. I thought Godfather voice was sexy, haha. Yeah right.
They say that pets are good for humans. Sounds like yours are your FAMILY. The Godfather, get it! I know stupid joke.

stay cool Mikey........

Michael said...

Thanks, LB and Beachey!
Yes, I love my cats but they sure can be a pain in the ass sometimes.