Saturday, May 06, 2006

These days

Abandoned farm truck swallowed by kudzu, Yokaichiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, September 1997, by Michael

These days
I feel so old
joints ache
focus wavers
past is more clear
than the present
snow begins
to cover the grass

climbing a mountain
summit hidden by fog
straining to move
this bag of bones
how nice it would be to sleep
for 10,000 years


isabel said...

i can identify with this. ahh the 10,000 year sleep. bliss.

Michael said...

Yes, Isabel, sometimes the prospect is blissful.

Matt Kohai said...

That photo - that is a very cool pic! Something about an object meant to be in motion, just rooted permanently to that space in such an organic fashion...

Lone Wolf said...

What a great picture to go along with the bueatiful poem. Even at 29 I have felt this way, I can relate to this poem. Ahhh 10,000 years of restful deep sleep.

Michael said...

Thanks, KNY and Lone Wolf!