Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blowin' the autumn blues

East Village


YourFireAnt said...

Michael these photos from last weekend are wonderful, and there is a thread of sadness or blues or quiet witness or wistfulness or something running through, so that it feels like all are one piece. As always, I'm impressed by the depth of feeling and sense of life in your work. A very beautiful imprint.


And it doesn't matter a damned bit what triggered the anger.

wenders said...

What an exquisite picture! The boy is wonderful, and the fine grain you got of his hands is gorgeous. Time to start a book.

Michael said...

Thank you, thank you, FA and Wenders. It has been a difficult row to hoe lately, though I admit that I sowed in soil that is rocky in spots.

I have little patience with people and with life of late -- a sure invitation if ever there was one for the fates to challenge me even more.

I take comfort in knowing that everything moves in a circle -- a wheel of fortune, if you like -- and I also appreciate your comments.

And even though he hasn't commented on this post, I want to extend another thank you to Mike Cross.