Sunday, November 18, 2007

Two thoughts from the zendo

Sitting in the zendo
I am just a shadow
on the wall


Going on a journey
leaving behind everything
even myself


Mike Cross said...

A journey going on,
Your even self
Leaving everything....

I bow to your decision to receive the bodhisattva precepts, Michael, even though you might be a true bodhisattva already. But I don't dare to leave my muddy pawprints on the post in which you mentioned it. Something about Nancy's comment makes me feel even more of a fraud than usual, with nothing to offer but the tap, tap, tapping of cheap and easy words.

Michael said...

My dear Mike, we're all bodhisattvas, and demons, too. And I can't even envision fraudulence in someone with as keen a hunger for the truth as yours.

Michael said...

P.S. Now let's stop getting sappy on each other! :)

Mike Cross said...

In that case, stop using dubious Japanese words like "zendo", you big poser.

Even Master Dogen preferred to call it the cloud hall.

Michael said...

Hah!! ... as always, thank you, Mike.