Friday, November 30, 2007


Frightened beyond words
by that final anxious moment;
Hoping beyond words
for a journey to the stars


Mike Cross said...

What is there to doubt? Energy spreads out!

Look around you, you numbskull -- the evidence is all around. You think the laws of the Universe might make a special case out of you? What is there to fear or hope for? Energy spreads out.

Energy tends spontaneously to spread out, unless prevented from doing so. Some living beings, for example humans, prevent it for ten weeks or ten years or a hundred years. Some living beings, for example, yew trees, prevent it for a thousand years. But the prevention is invariably only temporary.

Theories of reincarnation -- leave them to baaing sheep with no eyes who believe in Buddhism. We were born. We will die. In between we struggle to grasp this and that, while espousing the philosophy of letting go. We strive relentlessly to make some kind of forward progress, and to leave some muddy footprint as evidence of such, fearing oblivion. Even fraudsters such as myself who preach the backward step of turning light and shining, still want to make our little mark, to leave our dirty pawprint, to stave off oblivion.

This we do, grasping and striving, because we are not enlightened. You are not the only one who is struggling in vain to hang on to this fleeting body and life.

In any event, enlightened or not, our journey to the stars is assured. Whether we like it or not, energy spreads out.

Michael said...

Point well taken.

Michael said...

I think I understand now, Mike.