Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Let's go Outback tonight ..."

You declared open hunting season on the adults
stole the children from their parents
to "save" and civilize them
and now you use
their sacred images
and music
to sell your goddamn steaks
you piddling, unprincipled cowards
"No rules, just right"
you glibly promise;
no rules, indeed
especially where
remembering history is concerned

1 comment:

Mike Cross said...

Where is the fraudulence that bothers you, Michael: outside or inside?

Whose integrity do you doubt?

Who might it behove to reverse direction from chewing over the grissle of an advertising slogan, and instead to learn the backward step of turning light and shining?

It might behove, for one, this fraud who knows that he is a fraud -- yours truly.