Friday, December 28, 2007

The Raj

I dozed off this evening while watching a beautiful documentary on India on public television.
As the show delved deeper into India's enduring British legacy, my eyes began to grow heavy.

As I lay floating between the dream world and the real one, India was turned into a metaphor for my life in the sort of magical transformation that can occur only while between those two worlds.
As long as I could keep from falling asleep, my dream narration told me, I would live forever, enjoying all the riches and pleasure deriving from this wonderful jewel in my metaphysical crown.

My shock and disappointment were great when I discovered a few minutes ago that I had awoken from a dream.


Marie Rex said...

I have no wisdom to offer, so I will just give virtual {{{HUGS}}} and carry your spirit with me when I say my prayers to the winds.

Mike Cross said...

Your dream of eternal Indian pleasure I can't relate to, but your shock and disappointment on waking from a dream: that I can relate to -- as also I can relate to your finding simple pleasure in a cup of tea.

For Indians, Chinese, Japanese, British, and Americans, that is one thing we can all relate to: a good cup of chai/cha/tea.

Incidentally, sorry if my comments before Christmas were harsh/brash -- as always in such cases, the mirror principle is at work.

Anonymous said...

day destroys night
night divides day
break on through!

-another person wishing you peace this day :-)

Michael said...

Thanks, guys. And Mike, a special thanks to you.

Patry Francis said...

In some form, I think we have all dreamed this dream. Yours, however, was expressed with a special beauty.

Peace and blessings to you, Michael.

Gledwood said...

Hey I came here via Fil's blog

hey I do a Japanese blog but it's quite scrappy

are you into the Japanese language?

if so do you know how I get to input Japanese into a computer bearing in mind i'm using a cyber caff and cannot download additional software??

actually any good japanese linxx you have would be well appreciated i would put 'em up on my own japanese blog


Michael said...


Yes, I'm interested in written and spoken Japanese but don't have the focus these days to pursue them. Sorry, I can't help with software plug-ins.

Thanks for stopping by.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

I like the richness and power of your dream. I had a dream with an ex-lover recently and true to life he frustrated me but also he gave me some incrediable joy and comfort as if he handed me spiritual treasures better than rubies, diamonds and gold.
Some respite, peace, shelter from the storm.
Dreams can be an incrediable gift.
Sounds like your dream was a deep and loving gift from the soul.

sashwee said...

I'm very touched by your openness in sharing the incredible journey you are going through. I'll be visiting the Bahai Shrines this week and will remember you in my prayers.
My best wishes for you continued journeying, whether on foot or wing.

Michael said...

Thank you, Sashwee, for this wonderful act of compassion and thoughtfulness.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this sense of peace is not a dream..........


Michael said...

It is ALL a dream.

Mike Cross said...

What kind of bird is this? A Buddhist bird? One that flies peacefully, far, far away, as if in a Buddhist poem, preaching a dream in a dream?

No, I don't think so!

amarilla said...

You awoke to the "darkness of your eyes." I am referring to the words of Black Elk who said that people can't see because of the darkness of their eyes.

He lived between worlds too and it broke his heart but it also gave him hope.

You are courageous. Thanks for opening your heart to all of us.

Michael said...

Thank you, Amarilla.