Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've trapped myself
into sniffing out death
around every corner
and when panic attacks
reveal a minuscule glimpse
of what I most fear
I recoil in terror
and scream "Oh Shit!"

Am I the pursued
or the pursuer?

I'm learning
that if you go fishing
you catch fish.


Michael said...

Hi Ginz/Aaron,

I accidentally deleted your comment on my last post. I'm very thankful for your kind words, wishing me well and so on.

The publish/reject buttons are too damned close to each other!

Michael said...

P.S. I meant "Gniz"

gniz said...

No worries it did end up publishing after all, looks like...
I wish I could say more, say something to take away your fear, not to mention my own fear.
Instead, I will simply say that my thoughts are very much with you.
Hope you will continue to keep us updated on your thoughts.


Michael said...

Yes, I will certainly continue to describe my experiences for as long as I'm able.

Fear is big impetus for me, but so is wanting to share.

Marie Rex said...

Your poem is so true. How much of our lives we spend fishing for things we don't really want.

I try to remind myself. When you are walking through hell. Keep Walking!

Ray said...

Been reading your blog for awhile. I'm thinking of what it was like the first time I jumped off the high dive at the pool. I really don't know what comes next. I hope it's exhilarating like flying free through the air - but I don't know. I do know that when my time comes to climb the ladder I also hope I'm conscious for the whole process. Your expression here is meaningful to me & I'll be sending you good wishes for working with the pain.
Take care,

YourFireAnt said...

Michael, I'm grateful for reading your words, seeing your photos, learning from you.



Lisa said...

I am thinking of you every second. I am here for you ................
love you, lisa