Monday, December 24, 2007

New prescription

My leg pain last night was unbearable.
I was literally moaning and screaming, which I can do without alerting the neighbors because my home is relatively secluded.
I got a new pain prescription today, which I'll take when I get home from work. Percocet, taken even two at a time, weren't at all effective.
Tonight should be a quieter night.

I spent a good part of the day today napping. I think getting a full night's sleep may leave me with more energy for tomorrow.


gniz said...

Glad to hear you got the prescription and will be more comfortable.

I'm enjoying your updates--very honest and moving material here.


Chris said...

We met a couple ages ago through this blog. I have been checking in on you even though my own blogging days are over.
I have a feeling there are many of us silent well-wishers. I have no advice for your journey, not one single wise word.
I just wanted you to know that my presence is there, always has been, and I will see you through the best that I can in this strange yet sometimes wonderful medium.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

hi Michael.. have been reading you for years. hope your new script works for you. are you still managing to sit for a while? my hip and knee hurt like hell after 20 minutes or so. boohoo for me. :) but the pain is hard to ignore. yet it is ok after realizing it is my life i am feeling. you do what you need to do. thanks for everything.

Marie Rex said...

I hope the new pain medication helps.

Have you talked with a pain specialist yet? I think that might help you get proper pain control.

It is so discouraging to be in pain.

May today bring you peace and comfort.

Mike Cross said...

I like a good moan when I am ill --for one thing, it is an effective antidote to holding the breath. Keep up the good work!

All the best,


Michael said...

Thank you all very much for your kind words and thoughts.

They are spiritual nourishment.

Anonymous said...

Get some rest.I am so glad to hear you got some relief. We are putting one foot in front of the other too with you.


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with are your silent and not so silent well wishers. They are truly inspirational and wonderful.