Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Birth of Meerkat," by Boobicelli

Some of my posts were getting a little heavy, so I thought I'd lighten the mood.
I found this on a Web site that explores the possibilities of Adobe Photoshop. I'm not the creator of this image. Whoever made it is quite talented.


Green said...

A hahaha, so funny! I love it!

Michael said...

Hi Greensleeves,

Yes, I love this "painting," too. I wish I could remember the site where I found it so that I could provide a link.
I displayed this as the wallpaper on my computer at work, and everyone who saw it laughed hysterically.

Oxeye said...

Now it is the wallpaper on my computer. i can't wait for my wife to see it. meercats are so cool..

thank you michael.

Michael said...

Enjoy, Oxeye!

g said...

Yes this is funny. Photoshop is such a wonderful tool.