Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to January

A chilly morning
Puddles show scudding gray clouds
Bones creak as I walk


Justin said...

Nice haiku! I like your blog Michael, I've just discovered it. I'll be checking in again.

anu said...

I read this yesterday and i have been repeating this to myself since then, whenever i am tensed about a problem (and offlate i seem to have created many ;-) )

"Know that, all is well.
You are loved."

Hugs M :)

Michael said...

Thanks, Justin, for taking the time to visit, and for leaving your comment!

Michael said...

Hi Anu,

That's a beautiful sentiment...

LBseahag said...


I hope all went well for you today.

Michael said...

Hey LB,

Still waiting to hear from the doctor. We have an arrangement: If I don't hear from her, then everything is OK. I told her to call or e-mail me only if there's anything I need to know. Otherwise, I'll drive myself nuts.
I hope I don't hear from her.

Lone Wolf said...

So much detail for so little said. wow this is really cool.

Michael said...

Thanks, Lone Wolf!