Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Due to technical difficulties ...

For the past several days, my atom.xml site feed had failed to load.
This was because I wrote a recent post in Microsoft Word and then cut-and-pasted it onto my blog.
I've learned that importing posts in this way also imports HTML code that disrupts the feed.
I've since removed this bad code.
The site feed should load properly now.


Oxeye said...

mike, have you ever worn a step counter? i used one for a short while and my best day was 27,000 steps. I wonder how many steps you take on one of your long hikes. probably a lot more than 27,000. they only cost a dollar or two. my wife tries to get 10,000 steps in a day.

Michael said...

Hey Oxeye,

I thought about getting one, but a step isn't really a unit of measurement I can relate to. Most of my walks can be measured according to the scale in Manhattan maps, and I find miles easier to quantify.
I hope to return to Japan soon to complete a Buddhist temple pilgrimage I began some years ago, and all these walks are a lead-up to that.