Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday, Feb. 7

Togane, Chiba prefecture, Japan, 1997 or '98


Phats said...

Hey if that's you, you kind of look like George Michael, can you break into your version of Faith? Were you honked with Fred Durst covered it? haha! :)

Beth said...

very cool.

mrsbeach said...

I know that is you, I see you behind the glasses. Look at that hair! Are those painter pants? hahaha... You had the world by the ah...nevermind.
You are so fortunate to have all the lovely memories of your time in Japan.
Hey Michael with age comes wisdom.
With life comes changes, we are all in this world together, and I am grateful to have found your blog!

Love ya,

Michael said...

Thanks, guys!

Michael said...

Hey Beachy,

Yeah, that was me when I was about 25 pounds heavier, in far less physical shape, had less taste in clothes, couldn't find a good barber (or a good hairstyle) and realized, but not fully, just how magical a time and place I was living in.

With wisdom comes age, indeed.
Thanks for being a great friend!

anu said...

You look so handsome Michael :)

Michael said...

Hi Anu,

That was a different life in a different world, 10,000 years ago ...

Green said...

It looks like a scene from some Italian movie.
Beautiful atmosphere.

Michael said...

Hi Greensleeves,

Yes, the color of the wall really caught my eye.
There's a kaigan road that runs from the small town in Chiba-ken where I lived south to Togane-shi, and then on to Minami-Boso and Tateyama-shi.
I always used to drive past an abandoned pachinko parlor on this road, and one day I got out of my car to take a look.
The place was locked up, there was garbage strewn inside, and all the pachinko machines were still lined up in the aisles.
I would have loved to have gone in to take photos, but I had to settle for this green outside wall.

LBseahag said...

wow...you were a hip and happenin' guy!!! Very Top Gun!

Green said...

I love places that have been abandoned but still have some human warmth remaining. It would have been a great place to take a photo. I bet.

anu said...

But Michael, isn't it still the same soul that radiates through? :)

Michael said...

Hi LB,
And now I'm old ... :)

Hi Greensleeves,
Yes, yes, I do, too. The traces of human warmth were what made this place so interesting.

Hello Anu,
I sure hope so... :)

LBseahag said...

HAAA!! Hey, I am right there behind ya!!!

Kitty said...

"And now I'm old ... :)"

Aren't we all :). It happens, heading west.

BTW, you DO look like George Michael in that picture.

Michael said...

Hi Kitty,

Yes, the circle eventually closes, only to begin anew.