Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Great Snow of 2006 -- View from my house


Chris said...

Walking to Manhattan soon? :)

The midwest has gotten kind of jipped so far this winter. Enjoy it!!

anu said...

Wow Michael :) so lovely, throw a few snow balls around on my behalf.

Cassy said... looks gorgeous. Here in TX, we've got nuthin but freakin wind and cold. It oughtta have the decency to freakin snow.


Oxeye said...

nice night for a walk.. aye michael?

g said...

I thought about you today, it being Sunday and the day of your usual long walk.

I wondered if there would be pictures of snow, but from the images it looks like you

didn't venture out farther than the courtyard.

g said...

It looks like very old stonework on the house!

Kitty said...

So did you go ice skating on your swimming pool? :)

Michael said...

Hi Chris,

Yeah, on showshoes, maybe. :) I have a three-day weekend beginning Friay, so I hope to catch up then.

Hi Anu,
It will be my pleasure!

Hi Cassy,
Welcome! I checked out your blog and your Cassy101 page. Very nice! I'll stop back for a visit again soon -- hope you do the same.

Hi Oxeye,
Actually, if it weren't so late (I just got back from work and its 1:09 a.m.), I'd love to take a stroll now that the roads are plowed and most of the sidewalks have been shoveled.

Hello g,
Yes, only left my house this afternoon to shovel the driveway and go to work. As for the house, it was built in 1763 and was occupied twice by the Redcoats during the Revolution. George Washington's Continental Army retreated right past the house in 1775.

Hi Kitty,
It's so cold here that I probably could!

greenbean said...

Very beautiful Michael...indeed very therapeutic too...watching the snow in zazen...Keep well and keep healthy always;-)

Michael said...

Thanks, Greenbean! You stay well, too!

Michael said...

Hi g,

In my haste, I forgot to point out that this is my landlord's house. I live above what used to be the stable. My own little latter-day manger.

mrsbeach said...

BRRRR, baby it's cold outside!
Great pictures, and what a lovely stained glass hanging.
A good day for a steamy cup of hot tea!

take care

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stained glass! You made it? It seems to be freezing cold. Take care!

Michael said...

Hi Miki,

No, I purchased the stained-glass. I wish I had the skill to make one, though.