Sunday, July 15, 2007

Art to go

East Village/El Barrio artist James De La Vega puts the finishing touches on (F)Red's T-shirt. Below, (F)Red (the "F" is silent).
I enjoy stopping by James's shop on St. Marks Place for a chat and a chance to sit down during my photographic peregrinations.
We talk about everything: Life, people, music, philosophy, art, you name it.

On Saturday, we had an especially enjoyable talk about our approaches to life.
I told James that I want to leave small footprints as I tread the earth.
I want to move like a ghost, unobtrusively, making my presence known and felt when I need to, but by and large letting things be as they are and enjoying them as they are, inasmuch as I'm able.
It comes down to small footprints.

James liked that idea and suggested I consider making it a theme. So, I've changed the subtitle of my blog to reflect it.
I think it may work.


Matt K. said...

I keep telling myself one of these days I should join you on one of these journeys... I love de la Vega's stuff; I know a pizza shop where all the staff wears it.

Michael said...

I'm thankful to have become friends with James. A lot of his artwork inspires me to change my ways of thinking that don't celebrate life.

east village idiot said...

I love de la vega's stuff too and have a handful of his illustrated cards.

Small footprints sound like a good way to embrace life. Unfortunately my feet are completely flat and I'm too earthy to be a ghost like soul. Maybe in my next life I'll have better luck in that department. Life is fragile a lighter touch is probably the best approach.

Michael said...

Yes, I want to try to leave small footprints, which isn't always easy for me to do because my ego gets in the way. But, on a familiar and recurring note, it's one foot in front of the other, gradually.

Mike Cross said...

Hi Michael,

Reading your recent thoughts on meaningful inter-connections and small footprints, I am sure you will find real happiness in sewing a bird’s-foot kesa, one stitch after another, and Pierre Turlur is just your man to teach you. Hope this might be a connection you were meant to make.

Good luck!

Michael said...

Hi Mike,

Good to hear from you, and thanks for the advice on the kesa. Perhaps it's time for me to create one.