Sunday, July 01, 2007

Priorities take a hit

It was Saturday evening about 6:30 in the East Village.
Shots were reported fired from an SUV on 14th Street in Alphabet City, police said.
The SUV was surrounded by a swarm of police cars on Avenue A between Ninth and 10th streets, across from Tompkins Square Park.
Two suspects were taken from the vehicle, the man put in handcuffs.
Inside, a newborn kitten was mewing plaintively.
An officer took the kitten from the SUV and handed it to the woman suspect. Another officer fetched a baby bottle of milk for the kitten.
The woman was soon put in cuffs, she and the man were put in separate police vehicles and the SUV was towed away.
The most frequently asked question among the bystanders wasn't "What happened?" or "Was anybody hurt?"
It was, "Oh, the poor kitten ... what happened to it?"


Anonymous said...

WAIT. what did happen to that beautiful kitten?

Michael said...
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Michael said...
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Michael said...

I think the cops took it away. I'm sure the girl will get it back.

(I erased my two prior comments due to spelling errors. It has been a long day ...

east village idiot said...

I don't mean to upstage the alleged crime scene that took place a few steps from my building but....I just heard that you stopped by yesterday!!
I'm so sorry I missed you - although my tribe members said you were SUPER nice. No surprise there!

I was in such a cranky mood the other day - I'm surprised I didn't get arrested (which would have landed me on your blog for sure!)

Michael said...


Yes, I met your sisters. I had to think good and hard about stopping by because I know that it violates all the rules about blog confidentiality (even those rules that have yet to be written).

But, I felt like I already knew you guys, so why not? I told one of your sisters that it comes down to this: Sometimes, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Anyway, hope you don't mind.

east village idiot said...

I don't mind at all :)