Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No day but today

Monday night, my cousins and cousin-in-law took me to see "Rent" at the Nederlander Theatre in Manhattan.
It was an excellent choice of show because it's set in the East Village -- one of the nation's great neighborhoods -- and was written at an East Village fixture and one of my favorite restaurants, Life Cafe, just across 10th Street from Tompkins Square Park at Avenue B.

The theme of the show is "No day but today," which I thought quite fitting considering events in my life, mostly health related, over the past six years.

On this last full day I'll spend at home before surgery (I head to my sister and brother-in-law's place in Manhattan tomorrow afternoon), I hope finally to get my housecleaning done. There's no day but today (but that's what I said yesterday and the day before ...).

I've been getting good nights' sleep lately, and my spirits are strong. I'm not afraid, though apprehension likely will set in tomorrow and Thursday morning. I would be a strange bird indeed if it didn't.

The surgeon gave me a prescription for valium, which may come in handy tomorrow night (though I slept like a baby the night before my last surgery, in 2005).

I would like to thank my blog friends and my relatives for the wonderful e-mails I've been receiving wishing me well, and I thank everyone for keeping me in their thoughts.

I'm not looking forward to Thursday, but I'm looking forward to Friday.

I hope to make one more blog post sometime tomorrow before I knock off for a few days.

Thanks again!


east village idiot said...

We're with you Michael and we'll be praying for a swift and seamless comeback!

Jordan & The Tortoise said...

I look forward to your healthy return, while also wishing you well in the present moment.

Really, you are in my thoughts daily as a constant inspiration to persevere brightly!

Thank you

Michael said...

Thank you very much, guys!

Thanks for sharing your strength with me.

Kozy said...

Michael-san, I'm praying for you from Japan.
I'm also looking forward to your Friday.
I'm waiting to see your nice pictures on your blog and receive your comments to my blog soon.
Good luck!

Matt K. said...

You're right about the East Village being one of the great neighborhoods.

Best wishes on a successful procedure and a swift recovery.

YourFireAnt said...

I hope you look forward to Thursday too. It might be the best day of your life. I'm pullin' for ya!


Michael said...

Kozy-san, Matt, FA,

Thank you very much! The support I've been getting from my blog friends has been amazing. I'm very lucky and very thankful for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Michael

Wishing you all the best during your upcoming surgery and speedy and complete recovery. Looking forward to seeing you back at work soon. And thanks again for all your support to me and my family during our recent time of need. Remember, I'm here if you need anything.

Your friend,

Michael said...

Many thanks, Craig! You are an excellent friend and a wonderful person, and I'm that much richer in those all-important intangible things for knowing you.

Anonymous said...

I find your thoughts inspirational and your blog friends equally so....


Michael said...

Aww, thanks, Lisa! You're very special yourself. I hope you're able to come visit soon.