Saturday, July 07, 2007

Reminder to myself

Living life to its fullest isn't about
checking off thrills from a list
It's about being fearless in following my dreams,
courageous in accepting
that some will go unfulfilled
(but the joy is in the pursuit)

and taking the time
to savor
something as
as a cup

of tea


tamarika said...

A definite YES to this! Thank you for the reminder.

Michael said...

Thanks, Tamar. Welcome back! The photos from your walk look great. Walking is such a wonderful activity.

Charmed said...

That was very nice, it made me smile. Thank you.

Michael said...

And thank YOU!

ted said...

This birthday day, taking the time to catch up on two months of posts, I come across this poem.

Since the death of my son, I've taken the "life is short" thing too bloody far, living my life (especially my spiritual life) like an extreme sport.

This past year I've finally begun to remind myself that life is best savored at a caterpillar's pace: one step, one bite, at a time...

Thanks Michael

Michael said...

Thank you, Ted. Someday, I hope to live every day according to my own advice. It's so very much a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

I love this and reading everything you write. Did you write this yourself? If so it is indeed brilliant and beautiful.


Michael said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your thoughts!
It's a pretty simple sentiment, though I often fall way short of the mark in implementing it.