Thursday, July 19, 2007

Been there, done that

I made it!
My surgery went off without a hitch shortly after 7 and was finished by 10:30. I was awake though pretty incoherent by noon, and the anasthesia wore off more or less completely by early afternoon, as far as I can tell.
It's now about 6:20, and I had a big chicken dinner and ice cream.

There's a nasty incision snaking along the base of my neck, but I'm in practically no pain due to nerves in the region being cut during previous surgeries. Fact is, my teeth hurt more tonight after I finished the ice cream.

The surgeon said we won't know the outcome of the procedure -- whether or not it successfully lowered my serum calcium -- until tests are done tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for the best. I'm also hoping to be dischared Saturday or Sunday.

The hospital has a great crafts/activities center with Internet access, and that's where I'm typing this.

Your thoughts and prayers got me to this point and will take me the rest of the way. I'm truly blessed in ways that are continuously unfolding through the friends and family I have.

I'll write more later. In just a few minutes, there's a blackjack game in the activities center, and I'm feeling pretty damn lucky (but, of course, we're using play money).


ted said...

Great news, Michael. Welcome back!

Mungo said...

Brilliant! Great news - the chicken sounds good, and so does the ice-cream! ;-)
Cheers - get well soon,

Beth said...

Oh my goodness! I logged onto to the blog just to see if there was an update, but I didn't expect one! It is great to hear that the surgery went well and that you are well enough to type a post.
I'll continue to send my thoughts your way as you wait for the results.

~~Silk said...

Welcome back!

Would the serum calcim be lowered so quickly? Where does the calcium go when it's not in the blood - is it excreted? If so, could they monitor that? Well, ne'mind. I guess I'll just concentrate on positive blood numbers, however they happen....

Matt K. said...

So, you've been there and done that - but where's the t-shirt? ;)

Glad to hear your in such good spirits. Still crossing them fingers for some good news.

Jordan & The Tortoise said...

Good to see you posting so soon.
Thank you for the fast update!

Heal well

Michael said...

Many thanks, guys! I'm feeling a heck of a lot better today than yesterday. Photos to follow, too.

I had a blood test this morning, the results of which may be my ticket out of the hospital *today*. But, if I have to stay till tomorrow, I can deal with that.

If my serum calcium lowers, that means it isn't being extracted from my bones, which would be great news for my aching joints.

Oh, and at last night's Las Vegas Night, I won a bottle of Ralph Lauern "Blue" cologne. This will be especially handy if I can't shower today; maybe that was their thinking. :)

Anyway, more very soon, and hopefully from HOME!

Jean said...

I was so delighted when your comment just popped up on my blog - didn't even think to check to see if you were back here yet! You are a wonder of physical and spiritual fitness and resilience, Michael. Take lots of care of yourself. Keep winning! xxxx

YourFireAnt said...

Good news indeed. I'm glad to hear it. Continuing to hope with you.


Michael said...

Thank you, Jean, FA!

Right now, the hospital is having a copper-enameling workshop for patients and I'm taking an e-mail break while my necklaces cool. They both have an enso -- a circle motif in Zen Buddhism -- as the central device. I'll scan them in when I get home. I'm due to be discharged tomorrow. Can't wait.

mall said...

haha, you're already doing arts and crafts! Well good to read that your surgery went well and I hope your blood results will be very positive so you can go home soon. Looking forward to the pictures as usual.


Jane said...

Glad it all went well for you, Michael. Here's hoping for low serum calcium numbers.

Michael said...

Thanks, Mall and Jane!

Jane, I'm really looking forward to reading your blog, which I will do this weekend. Needless to say I can relate to the subject matter. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

You are a miracle....and an inspiration. I have never been so happy to hear about arts and crafts!


Kozy said...

Michael-san, I was so surprised.
You already posted it.
I'm feeling some strong power in your words.
I hope you can do everything what you want to at home soon.

Anonymous said...

I came here way too late to give you the support you needed at the beginning. This post is such a generous sharing of yourself for us all. I echo Jean's words that "You are a wonder of physical and spiritual fitness and resilience ..." My thoughts are with you.

Michael said...

Thanks so much, guys! It's 9:45 Saturday morning and I'll be at home by this afternoon, and I'll post more details. Thank you again!!