Thursday, July 12, 2007

One step backward, two forward

Today, I received a phone call, to be followed up by a letter that's supposedly in the mail, that my surgery will be covered at the in-network rate.

According to the woman with whom I spoke, the confusion over the payment status arose from my request being processed twice by two different departments. OK, that's understandable.

If today's information is the definitive word, then I'm very happy and fortunate.
I plan on being able to get a good laugh out of all this in the near future.

What we need now is a slate of political candidates dedicated to reforming the health-care system in this country.
One's health status shouldn't have to depend upon one's eloquence, patience, employment status or dumb luck.


Jean said...

Good news. But, ay, ay, no it certainly shouldn't.

I definitely plan on laughing about this with you in the not too distant future!

Michael said...

Thanks, Jean. Let's pray that right and reason prevail in getting people the basic services we all deserve.

Matt K. said...

Your comments about the state of health care in this country are completely spot on. It's a shambles, really, and as long as there's profits to be made, it doesn't look to be getting any better.

Michael said...

Yes. It's very unfortunate.