Thursday, July 26, 2007

The rhythm returns

My routine is returning.
Wednesday was my first karate class since the surgery. (I wound up missing just two classes in the interim.)
It was a challenging, kata-based class, very intense but very enjoyable, low impact but draining.
Last night I sipped ginger ales at my neighborhood pub and chatted with a very cute nurse who works at a nearby hospital. It was a youngish crowd and it was karaoke night. In between all the latest pop songs, a short, older fellow wearing a Vietnam Veteran cap sang something that sounded like an operatic aria in such a rich, booming voice that even the youngest kids there gave him an ovation. It was pretty awesome, given that this is New Jersey.
Tomorrow, I go to the hospital for a blood test and a chat with the surgeon.
Yes, the rhythm truly has returned, in every sense.


YourFireAnt said...

Well, if you got rhythm, that's a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hope the nurse gives you the test! No seriously hope you are feeling good. And we are so happy you are back to routine!


Michael said...

Thanks, Lisa! :)

Matt K. said...

Good to hear about your progress. I know I'd go stir-crazy if I miss too many classes.

We've all got to remember to take those little moments for yourself, those times that remind you why you're alive in the first place. Reading your posts makes for an excellent reminder.

Michael said...

Thanks, Matt.